Changing Hearts of Atlanta Incorporated


                                          Executive Director/ Founder

Changing Hearts Of Atlanta Incorporated is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization that was founded October 2015, by Shaquita L. Williams. Changing Hearts of Atlanta was designed to fulfill the needs of a disadvantaged, underserved population of homeless youth and young adults. It is our effort to restore hope and independence through programming, services, and mentorships to uplift and build the homeless community.

Shaquita has volunteered with various agencies including Food Pantry, Women’s Christian Center Thrift Store, Feeding the homeless, and the Salvation Army. Through those involvements,  she encountered both women and adolescents who were victims of domestic violence and additional circumstances; including battling various mental health illnesses, neglect, unresolved traumatic encounters, depression, and abandonment being classified as homeless. Being exposed to Youth whom were in group home settings as well as custodial care of the state or foster care, began to shed light and bring awareness to the brokenness and the needs within this population. It was these various experiences that played a pivotal role in Shaquita’s desire to become an advocate for the disadvantaged youth within the community, providing a safe place where mentoring and development is encouraged.These experiences helped mold and shape the mission of Changing Hearts of Atlanta which is to empower youth, promoting growth and development, restoring a broken population, bridging a gap of poverty and the inability to be self-sufficient.


Shaquita attended undergrad at Albany State University, graduating  Fall of 2009, with a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science with a minor in Crimminal Justice. She furthered her education attending Graduate School at Troy Univeristy, obtaining her Masters Of Public Administration Degree with a Concentration in Justice Administration in June of 2011.